How often do we encounter a challenging situation where we come under duress and say something like, “My faith is really being tested right now.” When you think through that statement, you realize it is much more of a defensive, almost on the ropes kind of mentality. Boy, I sure hope I make it, but we really won’t know for sure for another week or so. I think I’ll be OK but tune in later to get the final story.


How about if we turned that defensive mentality  around into a statement and mindset of offense or action. “This situation is really giving me the opportunity to put my faith into action!” Just the statement in itself speaks of hope and expectation vs. one of impending trial and possible failure. An opportunity vs. a hurdle. One of expectation of a positive outcome vs. one of hoping for a positive result.


All that I have been through up to this point has been training me for this hour and I am so glad for all of the experiences that I have had culminating to this point  as this can be my finest hour. This is my opportunity to put into practice all that I have been learning the past weeks, months, years. I now get the opportunity to utilize what I have developed.


While the mindset may not change the circumstances, although I believe I can form a convincing argument my attitude always creates an impact one way or another, this mindset will often open my eyes to strategies and creative solutions that the “testing my faith” mindset causes me to miss. Today, choose offensive action instead of a defensive mindset and then put it to work!