When we are caught in a situation our tendency is to immediately go to the “I didn’t ask for this” mind set. “This wasn’t my choice.” “I didn’t ask to be here.” Read the book of Ester. I don’t think we can imagine how she must have felt. It is hard to imagine the pressure she is under personally. She is taken captive to another nation, her parents are killed, she is raised by a wonderful cousin, Mordecai, who works for the King at the gate to the city. Through events that she is not responsible for, she finds herself carted away to the King’s palace and after a year of preparation, she is crowned Queen of the nation because the King delighted in her. None of us would want our daughter to go through all that she has gone through in the first two chapters. But the Lord had a plan!

A diabolical scheme is hatched to destroy the Jews and Mordecai tells her that she needs to go to the King. (Note: Someone should have told Haman that his plans are futile, Israel is forever!) She argues back to his request. You can almost hear her emotional turmoil. I can’t go to the King because if anyone goes to him without him asking, the law of the land is death, unless, by some merciful act, he extends his scepter toward you. These thoughts must have been going through her mind as she argues back to Mordecai’s demands.

  • It wasn’t my fault that I was taken captive.
  • It wasn’t my choice that my parents were killed.
  • I didn’t ask to be raised by my cousin who worked for the King.
  • It isn’t my fault that I am the most beautiful women in the nation. Who knew?
  • If I go to the King, I may be killed.
  • If I don’t go to the King, I will be killed.
  • He hasn’t asked to see me for 30 days, so I probably have already lost favor in his sight. So I probably will be killed either way.
  • If I go I die, if I don’t go I die.
  • Why are you putting all of this pressure on me, Mordecai?
  • I didn’t ask for this, It wasn’t my choice!

She argues her points to Mordecai and he responds something like this;

  • Don’t ignore this situation, it will not take care of itself.
  • You will not escape the fury of the diabolical scheme to destroy all of us.
  • God’s will is going to be accomplish, by you or someone else.
  • And the most important argument, “Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Est 4:14

What if we approached every situation with this thought in mind, For such a time as this? I am in the middle of this situation for such a time as this. There is a plan of the Lord in the fact that I am in the middle of this. I didn’t ask for this, this wasn’t my idea, but here I am, “for such a time as this!” I can bring about change… I can bring Godly influence… I can bring Godly wisdom, counsel, mercy, grace, insight, foresight, solution, peace, love and concern, whatever is needed in this situation, I can bring because I am here for such a time as this!!

Today, whatever you find yourself in, remind yourself that you are there for such a time as this. And with that understanding, respond to the Spirit’s leading. And watch His plans take shape for it is in His time that you are there.


On the Victory Side!