Inequities. They are all around us. While all of us have opportunities, they vary greatly from individual to individual. The child of the wealthy business owner has many different opportunities than the child of a one who works for the same business. Each of the children has untold opportunities before them, but there are certainly inequities between them. That’s life.  

There are inequities in the Kingdom as well . Peter was faced with them when Jesus restored him in John 21. Jesus asks Peter if he truly loved Him. Not once, but three times He asks, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love me?” He was trying to drive a point home to Peter’s heart. After Peter emotionally and emphatically states his love and commitment to the Lord, the Lord describes what He was going to require of him later in life. He then says these all important words, “Follow me!”  

Peter totally missed that phrase. Noticing the inequity of what was being required of him, he immediate responds, “But Lord, what about this man?” In essence he was saying, Hey Jesus, wait a minute, Hold up! if I have to go through all of this, what does this guy beside me have to go through. After all, all things being equal, I shouldn’t have to pay a greater price than he does. There seems to be a little inequity going on here. I mean, he is a follower of you just like I am.  

Jesus goes to the true heart of the matter, as He always does, and in effect says, If I want to treat this man differently…. “ what is that to you? You follow me!”  I believe “You follow me!” is one of the most important phrases in scripture and show our true heart and nature. In light of the inequities around you, will you follow Me? To me that is the all-important question. I will, will you?