Who Cares Anyway?

Who cares anyway? I read a report a number of weeks ago in USA Today that said 40,000 people in America take their lives every year. 40,000?…. A 747, in a three class configuration, carries 416 passengers so that is like 96 airplanes going down every year. Many of those 40,000 individuals have been telling themselves that no one cares about them anyway so they won’t be missed. Sometimes we can fall into the same trap. There are times each of us feels taken for granted, unimportant, or even rejected by others and we entertain the thought, “Who cares anyway?” I am an insignificant cog in a giant wheel that I have no control over. Nothing could be further from the truth! Everything you do matters! You are not insignificant! You have been created for purpose and what you do or don’t do has a major impact on someone’s life today.


 You have value, worth, purpose, and influence. As you interact with others this Christmas season, carry this confidence in your heart which will greatly impact your actions and responses to others. Keep in mind that while you know you have value and purpose, not everyone you talk to will feel the same. It is up to you to communicate that and it is in that setting that you have the opportunity to shed the light into their lives that they too have value, worth, purpose, and influence. After all, it is because of the value that was placed on their life that this whole season began. Because of you, He came……


 Merry Christmas!



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