Access denied! How often have you had those words come up on your screen when you tried to log in, view, or access a particular site, program, or data source. What! Why won’t it let me in? Doesn’t’ it know who I am? Obviously no, it doesn’t or you would have been granted access.  

I just went through the process of joining the Global Entry program. Purpose? To get in the short lines at the airports! Purely self-serving.   It basically involved me proving who I was and having fingerprints and photograph taken to assure my identity so that in the future I would be granted faster access upon my arrival in the United States when I was out of the country.  

 From a Kingdom perspective, your identity is just as important. If you fail to understand who you are, (a child of King Jesus brought into relationship with Him by grace through His work on the Cross) you fail to grasp all that you have access to. I find many people don’t realize all that they have access to and therefore struggle through things that they wouldn’t necessarily need to. It is all because they don’t have a firm grasp on their identity. When you have a clear understanding of who you are, you will automatically have a clearer understanding of all you have access to. As a member of the Global Entry program, I have some opportunities that some others would not. But if I don’t understand what those opportunities are, I most likely won’t likely tap into them.

 Make it a life goal to maintain a growing understanding of the opportunities that you have a His child and then by all means access them. I guarantee you, you will not be denied!

 Declaring Our Victory Emmanuel