You are contagious! How many times have you ever come up to someone and their first words to you are, “You better stay away from me, I have this terrible cold and I wouldn’t want you to get it!” And you obliged by keeping your distance, not needing to be told a second time.


Maybe we should practice that with our emotions. Hey, you better keep your distance from me today because I really have a bad attitude….. or I am really critical today…. I’m angry…  discouraged…. I am feeling really defeated…. on and on. Truth be told, your attitude is probably more contagious than any sickness or germs you may be carrying. As a leader you hold the power to change the environment of the room within the first few moments of walking in. Are you encouraged and excited? People will pick that up within seconds of your greeting. Opposite spectrum, they’ll pick that up just a quick.


Attitudes are contagious! Is the one you have worth catching?