Communication is an all important aspect of each of our lives. We all know that communication consists of three things, words, tone and body language. We are told by those who know a lot more on this subject than I do, that in our communication, our words make up the smallest portion of what we communicate.  They say that only 7% of our communication is conveyed through words, 38% is communicated through tone and a whopping 55% through nonverbals.


All that to say it is extremely important that the tone and body language we use lines up with what we are trying to communicate when we speak to others. But the reality is the one person we talk to the most is probably ourselves, which is where I believe an exception to the rule comes into play.


In communication with others, you want to make sure you choose your words carefully, use the right tone inflection and by all means use body language that conveys your heart. But when it comes to personal communication, it is imperative to make sure you are saying the right things! For a good comparison, ask Jesus what He is speaking about you. You may be surprised about all the good things He has to say!