My Dad who is 91 years old, is getting hip replacement surgery this morning. Why? Because he is planning on living a while yet and is planning for the future. He still drives the car, mows the lawn, and works in his woodshop and plans to continue to do so as long as the Lord gives him the health and strength needed to do that. The hip replacement is to assure that he can do all the above as long as the Lord gives him life. I like his philosophy of planning for the future.


Sometimes I think it is easy for us to think in the “short term” when we need to be thinking long term and planning for the future. Five years from now, what do I wish I would have implemented today. Forward focus is really good when coupled with a good understanding of what I need to have in place to get there. Too often we rely on the, “I’ll take it as it comes” mentality and that is fine for today but some of tomorrow’s frustrations can be best dealt with by making changes today, both personally and structurally. The future will be a lot less painful if I replace what needs to be replaced today. Think forward!


BTW, Dad is doing great. When he was in recovery the nurse attending him said, “You are doing twice as good as most others who are half your age!” Lord Jesus, we thank you for that.