Relationships are all about connection. Your relationship with Jesus, others and your spouse, is defined by the depth and closeness of the connection you have with them. Connection to them emotionally is the relationship. Danny Silk writes that many times instead of creating a safe connection with others, where we are free to be ourselves while giving others the freedom to be themselves, we create a safe distance from each other. I won’t let you in to close because if I do I run the risk of giving you the power to hurt me. And we have been trained at a young age to do everything we can to avoid pain. So we create safe distances within our relationships. By allowing you to only get so close I protect myself from hurt but in doing so I miss out on the true possibility of all that relationship can be.


Creating a safe connection, on the other hand, says I am giving you the freedom to be your true self and I will not reject, react, or retaliate in the event that your actions toward me are not what I hoped they would be. Our connection is safe regardless of your actions.


Safe distance or safe connection! What are you working towards? I am so glad that Jesus has created a safe connection for us to come to him at any time. I encourage you to be a builder of safe connections vs. safe distances in your relationships. They will be a whole lot more meaningful and rewarding.