Delays, life is full of them. We expect such and such to take place and it doesn’t materialize. I am in Chicago right now with a 1.5 hr. delay which means I am going to miss the first part of the meeting that I am leading.  Last week I missed my last 30 min flight out of Dulles returning from Bulgaria. So I spent an extra 4 hrs. in Dulles getting home after midnight instead of 7:30PM.


The new initiative you were working on that you wanted to get started last week, the business deal that is taking much longer to develop than anticipated, that healing process that is just taking sooooo long, or some other project, development, or launch that just isn’t getting traction. These are all delays that tax our emotions and attitudes. The questions isn’t whether we will have them, the question is how will you handle them when they come. Are they frustrations or opportunities to you? That decision is really up to you and you only to decide.


I was returning from Ireland last year and the flight was cancelled. One man commented, we go on vacation for an adventure and then when an adventure comes, we get frustrated. Interesting thought coming out of a healthy attitude. Interestingly enough, I have realized that after the delay is over, any frustration I experienced was just for the length of the delay. All of my frustration is gone, life resumes, and it really wasn’t that big of a deal now that I am on this side of the delay. Now all I need to do is master my attitude in the delay to capitalize on the situation vs. becoming frustrated over it. It really isn’t hard, it is just a choice. And one of the best choices I can make in light of the circumstances. A 4 hr. delay in Dulles equates to 4 hrs. of uninterrupted work I could do…. 1.5 hours here in Chicago equates to giving the leaders I am fathering an opportunity to lead in my absence…. It is a win – win… I have time to write this and they have an opportunity to lead. It is all in the perspective.


Keep the right perspective and sometimes you will even embrace delays for the positive things they provide.