I know there are many times when I handle a specific situation that some others would feel that I didn’t do the right thing or maybe the best thing. I well understand my limitations at times, but probably am not as aware as maybe I should be. I know that you could have done a better job, had a better response, given better counsel, but here is the challenge, you weren’t there, I was. And since I was there it was my responsibility to do the best I could, given the circumstances I had. We all have a responsibility to grow, learn, and become more effective in all we do and that happens as we engage in life before us.


Sometimes the most important place to be is right where you are. Sure someone else may be better equipped, more knowledgeable, better suited for the situation, but because you are there and they aren’t, it is up to you to engage, to get the job done, to do the best that you possibly can and trust the Lord for the results. And when someone tells you they could have done better, acknowledge that they are probably correct. But they weren’t there, you were.