Late Sunday afternoon I had the privilege of performing the wedding ceremony of Duane and Vanessa.  What a supreme joy it is to be asked to perform the ceremony of your own son. Seeing him standing there before me, beginning a new life adventure with the bride of his dreams, what an awesome opportunity! And challenge to keep it together emotionally for sure! I was so proud of him and the young lady that he was pledging the rest of his life to. What a wonderful and joyous occasion. This was the fifth time I have had the privilege of marrying one of our children.


Thinking back over the evening and the joy I felt, I can only try and imagine the joy that Father God has over each of his children. Just as each of the children’s weddings have been special to me, there wasn’t a favorite, they were each unique and very precious, each one of you are special to Father God!


Someday, each of us will stand before our Heavenly Father. Think about that for a minute. For the non-believer, this will be a very challenging and difficult time, but for the believer, I believe this will be a wonderful time as the Father embraces his child and beams with pride over them.  If you sometimes think of that day, feeling like you are going before the high school principal, I encourage you to re-evaluate your mind set of God. See Him as your Father and He is beaming over you with joy as one of His children!