That’s just the way I am! How often have we heard that statement or even used it ourselves when we excuse a bad attitude, a mistake, a way of doing something that isn’t appreciated by others. That’s just the way I am. We make that statement justifying our actions when all we are really stating is, I am too lazy to change and you will just have to put up with it. In reality we are saying that I am more important then you and my actions are justified because after all, it is just the way I am. Just the way I am is saying that I do not have the power, ability, or desire to change it so get over it and accept me for the way I am.


But we can change! You can change almost anything about yourself if you give yourself to it. It may take time, it will certainly take energy, focus, will power, discipline, the grace of God, and sometimes even accountability, but you can change, if you really want to. And therein lays the secret to change. Your desire to do so. The ability to change is not based upon IQ, resources, or environment, it is based upon two attributes, desire and discipline. When you have the desire and discipline, the road map to change will begin to unfold before you.


Just the way I am does not have to define the way I will be. The first step in becoming somebody different tomorrow is not making an excuse to stay the same today. Just the way your are does not have to define the person you can become.