If you have ever put a jigsaw puzzle together we all know which the important piece is. It is the one that is missing! Life and ministry is the same. That part you play is strategic to the outcome of the whole. It is an incomplete picture if you don’t show up, aren’t available, missing game day, or are simply out of the picture. The fullness of God depends on each of us showing up and being in our place at the right time so that the next piece can be in place, so on and so forth. Nothing is more frustrating in “puzzle world” than when one of the pieces is missing. It is incomplete, not worth putting together, and will most times either sit on the shelf uncompleted, or in a worst case scenario, thrown in the trash. The same is true in real life. Your role, the piece you play, is strategic to the whole picture. So show up, get in place, and fulfill your role, because without you, everything is incomplete.