This past Aug I had the privilege of performing the marriage of my son and future daughter in law. As we came to the part of the ceremony with they exchanged rings, I lead them in giving each other the symbol of their never ending love for one other. As Duane was placing the ring on Vanessa’s finger, I simply added this phrase, “Don’t forget, she is the only one who wears your ring!”  No other women on this planet has your ring. You have one ring to give and you just gave it to Vanessa and no one else has it! She is to be the one of your focused attention and passion.


We are called the bride of Christ. We in effect have His ring. He has chosen you and you are the center of his focused attention and passion. When you gave your heart to Jesus, you gave Him your ring and He is to be the center and focus of your passion. Two encouragements for you this morning;


  1. Remember who has your ring! Jesus is your lover and His focus, favor, and passion, is on you! Don’t give your love to another.


  1. Remember who has your wedding ring! Give them your focused attention and passion knowing that no other person on the planet is wearing your ring. Never give your love to another!



If you are married, both of these will ring true for you!