Starting something new always brings its challenges. Whether it is new vision, a new initiative, a new thought pattern, or even a new life adjustment breaking an old habit, almost anything new will encounter resistance to it becoming a reality. Most times we resist the resistance and want things to come easy for us. Couldn’t someone just wave a magic wand over us, say a simple prayer, quote a favorite scripture and everything would fall into place? But that isn’t the way life is created. Creating something new always carries some mess and struggles with it.

 It was Jim Kwik who penned this; “If an egg is broken by outside force, Life ends. If broken by inside force, Life begins. Great things always begin from inside.” 

I would venture to say it more plainly, if you get everything handed to you without a struggle you are not ready to handle the pressure later on. I was talking to someone this week that had endured some real and painful challenges in the past but had faced them, walked through them, and now was on the other side basking in the way things were functioning. He commented, “If I hadn’t experienced the challenges, I wouldn’t be as appreciative of where things are at now”. Challenges have a way of doing that.

Whatever challenges this new week is bringing you, know that as you give yourself to them fighting from the inside, life thrives and at some point in time, in the not too distant future, you will really appreciate the breakthrough you attained by struggling you way out of it.

Remember, you are on the victory side! The favor of the Lord is on you!