Influence! We are all influencers! In fact I would say that everyone is influencing somebody in some way, shape, or form. Sometimes a better question to ask is, “What kind of influence am I having on others?” Sometimes I am asked the question, “How can I have more influence on those around me?” As a leader, our goal is to have a positive influence on everyone that we have regular connection with.


“Everyone has a right to speak but you have to earn the right to be heard!” I don’t remember where I got that but it rings true. I think the highest level of leadership and influence is based on two aspects, that of trust and respect. Trust and respect gives me tremendous influence on other people. My focus in trying to gain influence in others is based in earning their trust and gaining their respect.


Often the greatest trust and increased respect is obtained in difficult and challenging situations. When I can see the opportunity of the challenge as one in which I can gain more positive influence on others, I change the way I look at the challenge. It becomes an opportunity vs. a hindrance, a gateway vs. a wall, a bridge vs. a chasm, or a right of way vs. a road block. Any opportunity to earn trust and respect is an opportunity worth giving your best. So seize the opportunity in front of you. The influence you gain with be a great investment for the future!


Advancing the Kingdom!