In the early morning hours the word broken came to mind. Consider these two definitions;


  1. In the negative sense – useless, no longer working, of little or no value, unable to fulfill its original purpose!


  1. In a Kingdom sense – no longer trusting in my own efforts, accomplishments, or energy to please God or accomplish the purpose He has for me.  Being broken before the Lord is trusting in Him and what He has done and rising in the strength of that to fulfill His plans and purposes for my life.


I was talking to someone recently who went through life guard training and they said the hardest thing to learn in becoming a lifeguard is to understand that there are times when you need to allow the person in the water to get to the place where they almost drown so that they give up trying to save themselves on their own. Otherwise in their frantic state of trying to survive, they will take you down with them. Allowing them to get to the place where they no longer struggle, (broken) you can then come alongside them and actually pull them to safety. In some cases the unconscious person is easier to work on.


Jesus has an original plan and purpose for our lives and we need to be at the place where we are not trying to make it happen on our own strength but allowing Him to lead us and direct us in all that He has. When I stop fighting with my own will, I take up His will. Being broken before the Lord actually brings me to a better place of fruitfulness. Is there still work involved, you bet. But it is no longer me trying to make it happen. It is yielding to Him and allowing Him to make it happen through me. And that kind of brokenness leads to the greatest fruitfulness!


If you are broken (#1), get healed so that you can become truly broken (#2) and step into all that He has for you.