Doors! They are all around us. They speak of opportunity and possibility. But an opportunity is only taken when you step through the threshold. As I am leaving the house for a trip it is stepping through the door of our house, the door to the car, the door to the terminal, the door to the plane, the door of the next terminal, the door to the vehicle picking me up, the door to their house, the door to the meeting place, and probably 30 doors in between. At each new door it was a conscious decision to walk through it and at any given moment, indecision or a decision to not walk through it, would have ended my journey, as well as kept me from the possibilities awaiting on the other side.


The Angel writes to the church in Philadelphia in Rev 3:8 “See, I have set before you an open door”. To not walk through a door that the Lord has opened for you seems a bit foolish. If He opened the door, why wouldn’t I go for it?  Of course we know that there are many open doors that are not of His design nor opened by Him. Those are the tricky ones. They need His wisdom and His discernment. But the ones that He clearly opens carry an invitation with it to experience all that awaits you on the other side. Step through. Great things await you!