I am convinced that everything in life has seasons or goes through seasons. And each new season brings about change and with change comes excitement and a certain amount of uncertainty. When I got married there was tremendous excitement and also some uncertainly.

  • Excited to be married but will I be a good husband?
  • Excited to have children but can I be a good father? By the time we had our 6th child we were crazy with excitement but freaking with uncertainly. Can we provide for six children and teach and train them to love God and fulfill His plans and purposes for their lives?
  • Excited that one finally became a teenager but I never had a teenager before. And she was a pastor’s daughter. Will I be able to father her through life’s challenges?
  • Cool, they are finally dating but will they find the right spouse?
  • Yay for the wedding plans but will I be a helpful father in law?
  • You’re having a baby! Oh how exciting but am I ready to be a grandpa?

The same thing happened in my professional life;

  • The excitement of going from employee to employer but will I be a good boss?
  • The exhilaration of going from a partnership to a sole proprietor but will I be able to handle the pressure and be a success?
  • Planting a church? How cool but will I be able to help people in their lives? Will the church succeed or fail?
  • Selling the business and going full time with a church plant? Now that is a season of change but will I be able to pay the bills?
  • Multiply the church? Success!! But now the group is so much smaller and cash is tight.
  • Turn the church over to someone else! Season of change for sure. But will the church survive and will I be successful in my new role?

With each new season, there was both excitement and a certain amount of uncertainty. Remember this, the same Holy Spirit that brought you this far will continue to lead you into this next season. The children of Israel forget that timely message in that they thought that Moses brought them out into the desert to destroy them. They forgot that the Lord had delivered them from Egypt and was taking them to a land (place) that He had promised them long ago and they were to be in the desert for just a season while they traveled through. Embrace the season you are entering knowing there is excitement but also uncertainly. It gives you a chance to exercise everything you learned in the last season. Be bold and embrace the new!