Dale Mast states in his book “And David Perceived he was King”, the following. “We must receive who God has made us before we can step into the greatness the Father has given us!” “If we reject our vessel we have rejected our mission!” There is something about being comfortable in our own skin.


Before we can walk in the greatness He has for us, we need to understand a few things;

  • Believe that we have been born for greatness! For some, that is a major challenge right there, but it is true.
  • Know that our greatness is dependent on us walking in who God created us to be not in our trying to be someone else.
  • Embrace who we are and become comfortable with that.
  • When we reach the place of loving ourselves, others around us will be blessed by our confidence and security.
  • Develop who we are to the fullest regardless of the limitations that seem to hold us back.
  • My identity is in Him and my fulfillment comes from doing what He has created me to do.
  • He made us the way we are to fulfill the mission He has prepared for us.


The world around you is like wet cement. Go ahead, leave a footprint. Live the Kingdom and Transform your world!