We have been fooled into thinking that the “best” is the only thing that is valuable. The best blog, the best leadership style, the best sermon, the best strategy, the best input, the best………….


The best is often evasive, but the other end of the spectrum is just doing something that is “good enough!” When we think in terms of “best” we are often comparing ourselves, our input, our strategy, our (see the above) with what others are producing vs. seeing the value in what we are producing. When I give myself wholeheartedly and unashamedly to that which is before me, the best will automatically come out. Not compared to anyone else, but seeing the value in what I have to offer, the best that I have to contribute! My contribution, when done wholeheartedly while using all of my capabilities the Lord has given me, will be “best” for me. Being on top of your game is not comparing your contribution to someone else’s. Being on top of you games is just that, providing the best that you have to give.


Doing my best is the best that I have to offer. More than that is an unrealistic expectation!