Little things can really add up over the long term. Years ago;


  • A dad teachers his daughter Susan that the value of someone’s life is not determined by the color of their skin.
  • She marries Moses Carver and together they save the life of an African American baby boy named George Washington, give him their last name, raise him, and send him to college.
  • George Washington Carver, while at college, instills in a professor’s 6 year old son, Henry Wallace, a love for plants by taking him on expeditions around campus on weekends.
  • Henry Wallace goes on to become Secretary of the United States and later becomes Vice President under Roosevelt.
  • While Henry Wallace is Vice President of the United States he appoints Norman Borlaug to hybridize wheat and corn to grow in arid climates.
  • It is attributed to Norman Borlaug that he has saved over 2 billion lives due to his drought and disease resistant wheat and corn and he won the noble peace prize for his work.
  • But it all started with a Father teaching his daughter the value of life.


What little thing are you doing today that will impact the world in a powerful way years from now. You never know how something little can multiply into something great! Never discount nor neglect the little things because the nature of little things is that they almost always impact in much bigger ways.