Change! That seemingly hard thing that we are required to do as we continue to grow and mature. Consistent change is key to our ongoing growth and advancement in the Kingdom. While His message never changes, the transformation of my life to become more like Him, continually does.


I am sure you all heard the story of the pastor who was fired from the little country church because he moved the piano to the other side of the auditorium. The change was too great for the congregation. A year later he came back to visit the congregation and immediately noticed the piano on the other side of the room where he had been let go for placing it. He immediately went to the pastor and asked how he was able to convince the congregation to place the piano on that side of the room. The pastor replied, I just moved it one inch every week until it was there. Consistent change has an impact over time.


Apply that to our own lives. Too many hide behind the lie that says, this is just the way I am, I cannot change. But you can change, a little at a time. If I can be a little more grace filled today than I was yesterday, a little more accepting, a little more loving, a little more gentle, a little less demanding, over the course of a month, a year, a time frame, others will notice. I love when I hear in some roundabout way that someone mentioned that they noticed a change in my life. YES!!


Sometimes we want to make the “BIG” change that will bring about a major transformation and there is a place for that. But most of the time it is the little incremental changes over a period of time that bring about the greatest results. So change that small thing today, wake up tomorrow and repeat. Do that for six weeks and you will be amazed at the distance you have covered in becoming the person you really desire to be.


If you have every watched the old Canadian TV show called the Red Green Show, at the end of every show there was a men’s club meeting and they repeated this phrase at the end, “….I am a man and I can change, if I have to.” Let me make it perfectly clear to you, you are a Christian and you can change, and you have to! Becoming more like Him means changing to be less like me. And that is a good thing.