Our attitude towards money reflects our hearts, our attitude towards money impacts our actions. It is my experience that one the hardest things to talk to people about is how they spend their money. The second is how they raise their children, but I’ll leave that topic for another day.


Randy Alcorn says “The biggest misconception Christians have about giving money is that when we give money away to a church, ministry, or to help the needy, it is gone.  While we hope others will benefit from it, we are quite sure that we won’t. We think we are divesting ourselves of money, disassociating from it. Once it leaves our hands, we imagine, it has no connection with us, no future implications relevant to our lives.”


Every dollar we give into the Kingdom is invested and will bring about a return.  That is extremely important to keep in mind every time you sow into the Kingdom of God. Your finances are being put to work for you. The really cool thing is when you invest, it not only benefits you while you are here on earth, it also benefits you for eternity.


Everything that we accumulate here on earth stays here on earth and is given to someone else. And there is nothing wrong with increasing wealth, holdings, and providing for our families. In fact, Prov 13:22 says

“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children….” A good man stores and provides for an inheritance. Jesus also speaks to us from Matt 6 and tells us to store treasure in heaven where nothing can corrupt, erode, or take it away. That is no more secure investment then that.


I encourage you to save consistently and give generously. And when you give, know that you are investing not divesting the money that He has provided for you. And your return is secure!