Focused! When a camera lens or even your eyes focus on something  externally, they make the internal adjustments necessary to be able to see what you are looking at clearly. How disappointing it is to take a once in a moment photo, only to find out the lens you were looking through was out of focus. UGH! How many times is the lens that you are looking through of any given situation out of focus? Therein lies the challenge, to see things through the right lens, and even more challenging, a lenses that has made the adjustments necessary to see things clearly. Only by seeing things clearly can we make the right judgement on how to respond. Unclear focus leads to a wrong response.


Many challenging situations, at least in personal relationships, come about because someone gets out of focus or by focusing on the wrong thing. Better to make sure my focus is clear and then respond to reality vs. respond to a situation that appears to be unclear. May you responses this week be from a clear focus. Make the adjustments necessary to have one!