Too often we rely on the “3 R’s” in dealing with life circumstances.


React – Usually our natural and first response to the situation or comment. Reaction usually isn’t the best first step because it often carries with it an emotional response based upon the story that we are telling ourselves. Which is often missing some of the key details.


Repent – When someone challenges our reaction and gives us the full scope of particulars, we often have to then ask for forgiveness for what we did or what we said, or at least in the way it was said.


Respond – And then finally, we respond in love and grace, which is really responding to the Holy Spirit speaking to us.


Far better to focus on living in the “1 R” realm in dealing with life situations, responding to the Holy Spirit. A lot less damaging to those around you, a lot less asking for forgiveness, and a whole lot more effective. Next time you are tempted to react to what is before you, remember you will probably need to repent later on and respond in love and grace anyway. Why not skip the first two actions and go right to the best course of action, responding to the Holy Spirit! It is a whole lot less painful and much more effective.