When David went to fight Goliath he walked into that valley as a little shepherd boy. Those who were watching him never expected him to win and were probably wondering why in the world would the King risk the future of the nation on one young man against such odds. Interesting thing is even though David went into that experience as a young shepherd; the experience itself was a defining moment for his life, which was forever changed. Following that experience David was no longer looked at as merely a shepherd boy, which by the way was looked down upon in that culture, he emerged as a true warrior and was considered a warrior for the rest of his life. It truly was a defining moment that changed the way everyone looked at him. In fact the Bible says Saul took David and he did not allow him to return to his father’s house anymore. David’s future was forever changed because of that one experience.


Maybe you are in a defining experience in your life right now. Hold fast and continue on through it. His Grace is with you to see you through and while you may be entering it one way you may very likely be emerging totally differently! The way you and others view you may be forever changed by this one experience in life. It is worth the battle. Fight your way through! A new identity may be on the other side!