I am back! After five weekends in a row of regional leaders gatherings, four USA and one in Bulgaria, I am back to normal life. I have had wonderful experiences at the regional gatherings and while I am somewhat spent, I am tremendously encouraged by all that the Holy Spirit is doing in our midst! We have amazing leaders forging ahead in all that the Lord has for us. In light of leadership, consider this;


A good leader is the one that points the way, has the sense of where we need to go and what is required to get us there. A memorable leader, and one that stirs others to engagement, is the one who leads the way, who also pays the price personally to accomplish the goals, expressing the level of commitment needed to see the vision through to completion, and is in the midst of us, working, dreaming, strategizing, and living the vision, bringing it into reality. I think one of the most powerful statements ever said of a leaders is, “I would follow him/her anywhere!”


Key word being “follow”. Don’t allow your leadership style to be one of telling others where to go, let it be one of follow me as we go together. Most times my actions are speaking so loud that people can’t hear what I am saying. Or another way to say it is a lot of people may hear what you are saying and may forget it but almost no one forgets what you are doing!


Take the lead! Others will follow.