I needed the services of a notary last week and as I entered I was amazed to see an elderly gentlemen sitting behind the desk. I greeted him asking how long he has been doing this line of work. “70 Years”, was his response! “I started it when I was released from the army after WWII”. He was in his mid to late nineties and still showing up for work every day 9-5. We were still there at 6 PM as I asked questions and he told me stories. Someone walked in the door as I was leaving so he was putting in overtime as well.  He lived a full life. Military service, hardware store owner, tax collector, and notary. He has left all the other things go (said he was voted out as tax collector this year but is glad to lay it down) but still maintains his notary business. He has lost two wives due to illness and a son who has also passed away, but he continues on. He is one of the last in his military company and serves as a chaplain.


In a day and age where many are looking for entitlement he is looking at how he can stay in business. He has had to make quite a few adjustments to changes in regs from the state but he makes the adjustment and continues on. Quite a few of the reg changes would have been enough to say, it’s not worth it anymore, but he makes the adjustments where he can, argues back when it doesn’t make sense, and moves forward. He was a real inspiration to me!


He has had to fight some battles in life and like you and I, he has victories as well as painful defeats. But he maintains a positive attitude. He is a living example of II Tim 6:12 where Paul tells Timothy to fight the good fight. Harry is not only fighting into his late nineties, he is winning! May the Holy Spirit give you the ability to fight the good fight today and every day!