Offense or Defense

Offense or Defense?   The other day as I was thinking on the events being played out around us, the chaos, the violence, questioning what is truth and what is distorted, feeling like the enemy [...]

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Of Course it Makes a Difference

Yes, it makes a difference! Sometimes we fall into the trap of seemingly insignificance. My thoughts really don’t count, my opinion does carry any weight, my passion really isn’t important in the long range scheme [...]

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I Didn’t Have Time!

Time! We all have an unlimited supply as long as the Lord gives us breath. There is no such thing as “I didn’t have the time to……” You had the time. In fact you have [...]

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Your Influence Grows

You are an influencer! Like it or not, as a leader your actions influence others, either for the good or for the less than good. What you determine to be important will become more important [...]

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Relationship is the Identifier!

  I have a precious friend who leads Breath of God, a DOVE Partner Church in Aberdeen, Maryland. I was on a video call with her and a number of other people discussing race and [...]

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What Can’t You See

What can’t you see?   As a detachment, I sometimes drive tractor and trailer as I find it relaxing, exciting and predominantly, just a lot of fun.  There are many things to be aware of [...]

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