Three Common Misconceptions in Church Planting

Today, I want to share three ideas that some church planters might have, but I need to make it clear that they might not always be true or helpful. In this blog post, I hope [...]

Exploring Non-Traditional Locations for Church Plants

Church planting should be a creative endeavor that allows people to bring God's Word into places where Jesus needs to be made known. Rather than sticking with tradition and only planting churches in traditional locations—such [...]

Building a Strong Leadership Team for a New Church

Starting a new church is a journey filled with challenges and rewards. One of the key challenges is to build a strong leadership team that will support the vision of the church and help it [...]


Just a few words on what you have just experienced this weekend. I find myself reminding people often that we do not come to church, we are the church. When you realize you are something [...]

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Church Planting Landmines: Lessons Learned from Experience

I just recorded a podcast with Larry Kreider and Ron Myer and discussed the topic of church planting. One of the questions Larry asked us was regarding "landmines to look out for." I shared [...]

Developing Leaders: Principles and Practices for the Church

Leadership is crucial in any organization, and a church is no exception. However, developing leaders for ministry within the church can be challenging without the proper principles and practices in place. Whether you are planting [...]