Discerning the Health and Impact of Your Church

As we measure the effectiveness of a church plant, we look not only at the numbers but also at what these numbers represent—the ongoing transformation and deepening faith of each person who walks through our [...]

Planting Churches that Plant Churches

Hey friends, let's chat about something close to my heart—planting churches that plant churches. It's like that "pay it forward" idea, but for spreading the good news. Imagine not just reaching your neighborhood but setting [...]

Top 3 Leadership Qualities Every Church Planter Needs

Starting a church is not a task for those who shy away from challenges. In our blog post, we're going to highlight the indispensable leadership qualities that empower church planters to not only embark on [...]

5 Missteps to Avoid in Church Planting

Even the most well-intentioned church planters can encounter pitfalls along the way. Awareness of potential missteps can pave the way for a more effective ministry. Here are five missteps to avoid in church planting:   [...]

“Vision: The Unseen Fuel of Church Planting”

"Where there is no vision, the people perish..." - Proverbs 29:18   As we step into a new era of ministry in 2024, there's a burning question that keeps surfacing in the hearts of those [...]

The Power of Authenticity in Church Planting

Church planting is an exciting journey that requires passion, conviction, and faith. As a church planter, you are called to lead the flock, spread the gospel, and help people connect with God. However, in the [...]