Church Planters With Missionary Mindsets

What if church planters considered themselves as missionaries? I believe the paradigm shift makes a huge difference. Sometimes we get into church planting 101 stuff like church planting systems, core team gathering, strategy sessions, etc... [...]

What I Know to Do

What I know to do is not to be confused with what I do!   I remember a phrase often repeated by my mother, “Ron, you should know better!” Maybe your mom said it to [...]

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One day or Day 1?

I am sure you have heard this quote or something like this one over the years, “Today is the best day to start something new!”   The difference is between the dreamers and the initiators. [...]

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Voice or Echo

Are you a voice or an echo? I heard this somewhere and it has stuck with me for years!   I have made it my personal goal in life to be a student of the [...]

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One Reason NOT To Plant A Church

There are many reasons we should start a church. There are even more reasons we should plant churches that plant churches that will continue to multiply... and plant more churches. There are also numerous reasons [...]

Fear – Door or Window

Thoughts on fear stirred by Nik Ripken’s Book, The Insanity of Obedience.   Fear is the biggest door you will ever give the devil. Through that door he will be able to have access into [...]

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