Get Started

I find that many times many people want everything to come together perfectly before they are willing to start something. They want the stars to align, four affirmations from others, all the finances in the [...]

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Small word that is used 1637 times in the Bible. So much is dependent on “If”.  If my people….. If you forgive men their trespasses.....  If you want to be perfect…..  If you have faith [...]

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Life’s Circumstances

Challenges, problems, situations, setbacks, holdups! These are all part of life’s circumstances that come at us on a  sometimes, seemingly, daily basis. Here’s the insight you need! The answer is probably right there in front [...]

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The God Factor

Don’t forget the “God Factor”.   In life’s many challenges, sometimes we forget the God factor. I call it the God factor because it is God showing up in the middle of life’s situations and [...]

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What is God Thinking?

What is God thinking? What are you thinking? There really shouldn’t be too much gap between the two.   Paul tells the Corinthian church that “….we have the mind of Christ.” I Cor 2:16. If [...]

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Plan Now

  It is October and every farmer in my area is full bore into harvest. Funny thing about harvest is you only get to harvest what you planted months previously. You don’t have the privilege [...]

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