A Powerful Force

Words are one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Words can rock someone’s identity, derail their destiny, or just plain wreak havoc in their lives destroying confidence, emotional well-being, instilling fear, and releasing [...]

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Rise Above the Surprise!

Dale Mast writes this in his book, “The Throne of David” . “Surprises should never catch us by surprise – even though they will. We must rise above these “surprises” by continuing to dream with [...]

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Sensative to His Voice

My prayer this morning with the Lord was something He showed me a little over a year ago that I have prayed many times. “Lord, let me be a sensitive to your voice as I [...]

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Rang my spiritual bell

So I am currently reading through the Old Testament (Old Covenant meaning old as in obsolete)  right now and if there is ever a time that I speed read through the Bible it is in [...]

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Get Started

I find that many times many people want everything to come together perfectly before they are willing to start something. They want the stars to align, four affirmations from others, all the finances in the [...]

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Small word that is used 1637 times in the Bible. So much is dependent on “If”.  If my people….. If you forgive men their trespasses.....  If you want to be perfect…..  If you have faith [...]

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