Paid in Full

  I bought a floor lamp online from the local big box store, entered my cc information, “transaction complete, pick up at your convenience” was the reply. Next day I went to the store, showed [...]

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Click Bait in Your Mind

Click bait – we are so aware of it in our daily lives of internet use. Stories blown out of proportion or stated in such a way that causes us to want to know more [...]

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Will He Provide

  Having trouble believing that Father God will take care of you and supply all you needs? I invite you to consider what Paul says in Romans 8: 31-32. He writes, “What shall we say [...]

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  Everything is framed in perspective! I was driving down the road a saw a young men standing beside his car talking on his cell phone. He was staring at his flat front tire. Thinking [...]

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Our Call

  The call on the life of Jesus was to help others. Dale Mast writes, “Jesus did not leave heaven to help himself, but to help us.” In the same way the call that the [...]

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