Everything is framed in perspective! I was driving down the road a saw a young men standing beside his car talking on his cell phone. He was staring at his flat front tire. Thinking [...]

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Our Call

  The call on the life of Jesus was to help others. Dale Mast writes, “Jesus did not leave heaven to help himself, but to help us.” In the same way the call that the [...]

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Comprehending His Love

  This morning I am sitting in a chair holding our two week old granddaughter, Hanna Grace. She is our sixteenth grandchild. I tried to tell her how much I love her but there is [...]

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Investing! Something we all think about and practice to a certain degree but in today’s market of immediate gratification, investing for the future seems meaningless and way too restrictive for many. Why wait for tomorrow [...]

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New Wineskins

Every generation needs new churches (new wineskins) to connect with the next generations. That is why DOVE International began in 1980. At that time, my wife, LaVerne, and I loved Jesus and spent hours each day [...]

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