Just a few words on what you have just experienced this weekend. I find myself reminding people often that we do not come to church, we are the church. When you realize you are something [...]

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Church Planting Landmines: Lessons Learned from Experience

I just recorded a podcast with Larry Kreider and Ron Myer and discussed the topic of church planting. One of the questions Larry asked us was regarding "landmines to look out for." I shared [...]

Developing Leaders: Principles and Practices for the Church

Leadership is crucial in any organization, and a church is no exception. However, developing leaders for ministry within the church can be challenging without the proper principles and practices in place. Whether you are planting [...]


It is never just about you! There are always ramifications to every decision you make. From the cheeseburger you decided to purchase (you have helped to create a job for the person behind the counter) [...]

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Noticed vs. Needed & Missed

In today’s landscape of social media, it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to be noticed. The crazy video, the edgy post, the controversial quote, are all ways to be noticed. The [...]

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