Improvement of Self!

  I always find it interesting that we have a much higher expectation on others than we do ourselves when it comes to areas of growth and maturity. We expect others to improve in their [...]

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Chokepoint to Thrust

Speed of processing!   As a leader you are responsible for everything within your field of ministry. Sometimes emotionally it may feel like there is a huge funnel feeding all the information into you and [...]

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5 Characteristics of Highly Effective Leaders

A good leader inspires people to do something bigger than themselves. In the case of churches and para-church groups, the Great commission along with the Great Commandment are the driving reasons for all we do. In order to [...]

The Art of Spinning

Integrity of speech is so important in the culture in which we live, any culture for that matter. Just show up like you said you would and do what you committed to do. It really [...]

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One Blood

  Luke writes in Acts 17 that every person on the face of the earth comes from one blood or one origin and beginning, namely Adam.   New Living translation says it this way,  Acts [...]

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