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Every lie from hell is being defeated, every promise from God is being acted upon!

Who Are You?

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When I mention the word conqueror, what do you think of. Winner over all the competition…….

What’s the use

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If you have ever been in the process of helping a couple work through some marriage issues and have ever entertained the “what’s the use” feeling as things just don’t seem to change. Consider the following statistics…..


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Easy – most of the western world is looking for “easy”.

Camping out

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I walked into a big box store last Wed night at 9PM, the day before Thanksgiving, and saw 5 individuals setting up a tent on the sidewalk at the main entrance.


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I was going south on 95 Friday afternoon on my way to North Carolina. Traffic was moving really well, I was talking on my cell phone, weather was great, I was making good time, it was a great trip! Then all of a sudden, break lights flashed in front of me……

We are rescued

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Well, no excuses here, but I am a little late on this. Like, two weeks!!!! I trust that you are all on the victory side. All of the regional gatherings have been stellar to say the least and we are definitely moving forward as a movement of churches. I hear great reports everywhere.

Surrounded and Saturated in Love

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As I was praying this morning, I heard this phrase, “surrounded and saturated in the depth of His love”.

Be Anxious for Nothing

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I read in a blog sometime ago, that anxiety is really the feeling of failure in advance. I thought that was interesting.

Christian radio station broadcasts

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Lighthouse Christian Center in Feeding Hills, a partner church in Massachusetts, continues to see its vision unfold for the radio station they acquired four years ago. The church had no experience in broadcasting but desired to reach non Christians through the media. Q99.7 broadcasts contemporary Christian music seven days a week, 24 hours a day.