Will He Provide

  Having trouble believing that Father God will take care of you and supply all you needs? I invite you to consider what Paul says in Romans 8: 31-32. He writes, “What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us? 32 Since he [...]

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  Everything is framed in perspective! I was driving down the road a saw a young men standing beside his car talking on his cell phone. He was staring at his flat front tire. Thinking he probably didn’t have a clue on what to do, I swung my truck around and pulled in beside him [...]

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Our Call

  The call on the life of Jesus was to help others. Dale Mast writes, “Jesus did not leave heaven to help himself, but to help us.” In the same way the call that the Lord has on your life is not primarily for you, it is for others. It is for their gain, not [...]

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Comprehending His Love

  This morning I am sitting in a chair holding our two week old granddaughter, Hanna Grace. She is our sixteenth grandchild. I tried to tell her how much I love her but there is no way she is able to comprehend how deep my love is and to what extent I will go to [...]

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Investing! Something we all think about and practice to a certain degree but in today’s market of immediate gratification, investing for the future seems meaningless and way too restrictive for many. Why wait for tomorrow when we can have it now? Few things can be gained without some kind of investment of either, time, money, [...]

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New Wineskins

Every generation needs new churches (new wineskins) to connect with the next generations. That is why DOVE International began in 1980. At that time, my wife, LaVerne, and I loved Jesus and spent hours each day loving kids who hung out at our house. After a few years of trying to fit these young believers into [...]

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Why Should We Plant More Churches? – Post 4

Church planting provides more options for the unchurched As long as there are unsaved people in our communities who are not being reached, there is a need for new churches. New churches provide more options for the unchurched. They are a key to outreach and generally grow better than old ones. It is easier to [...]

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Why Should We Plant More Churches? – Post 3

Not all churches are supposed to be mega-churches A German church growth researcher, Christian Schwarz, reported the results of his research on church growth. He showed that statistically small churches are 16 times more effective at winning new members than mega-churches. For example, two churches of 200 generally win twice as many people for Jesus [...]

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