History and Vision

Bill and Val Landis have worked with several teams to start YWAM centers in Grenada, Barbados and Jamaica. They have also helped many other initiatives in and out of the Caribbean. The first missionaries from the Caribbean began their work in 1843, but the number of missionaries from this area has declined since then. Bill and Val’s calling as apostolic leaders is to “re-dig” the wells of missions and revival in the Caribbean so that missionaries can once again be sent from this region.

In 2015, Bill and Val moved back to Barbados to relaunch the YWAM ministry there. Their focus has been rebuilding the discipling community and laying a foundation so that future generations of Caribbean leaders can continue to grow.

The Landises love to partner with the Body of Christ to mobilize, train, and send young people as missionaries and into the spheres of society to become “world changers.” They have a passion to mentor, coach and train young people in their calling. Bill’s strengths are being visionary and pioneering new initiatives. Val’s strengths are in pastoral care through mentoring and coaching.


Discipleship Training School

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) was restarted in 2017. YWAM Barbados uses a Three-Nation DTS model, which is a partnership between the YWAM bases in Barbados, St. Vincent and Guyana. This model presents a unique opportunity for students to experience three different cultures and communities of the Caribbean.


Caribbean Prayer Rooms

Bill and Val have been working to start a Caribbean Prayer Room at their YWAM campus as well as other islands in the Caribbean, in conjunction with the Body of Christ.

For information and to livestream worship, click here.



YWAM Barbados hosted its first NIKO camp (outdoor adventure camp) for youth in the summer of 2019. This camp featured hands-on, interactive learning. The campers stay in the YouthVillage cabins on campus.

Watch a short video about YouthVillage camps here:


Current roles

Val is a certified life coach through Coaching Mission International. As a coach, she walks alongside people, helping them to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. She also works in hospitality and pastoral care, as well as admin work for the YWAM office.

The Landises moved back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in May 2020, and continue to work in the areas of pastoral care and developing leaders, both at YWAM Lancaster and in the Caribbean. They will continue their roles as YWAM Barbados founders and elders, as well as serving on the YWAM Caribbean eldership team. They have three grown children and five grandchildren.


Bill and Val were guests on the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast!



Birthdays Bill August 5; Val December 4

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