Travel the world from your living room through food, games, and prayer for DMI missionaries!


The Embrace Missions Box is a fun way to get your family excited about what DMI missionaries are doing around the world and to learn about other countries. The box contains recipes from other cultures and some food items needed to make those recipes, small food items like tea and candies, games that children in other countries play, and a Christmas catalog. The catalog contains more detailed information about ministries and missionaries and different ways that you can pray for them and support them this Christmas season.



If you attend a DOVE church in Lancaster, Lebanon, or Bucks County, you may pick up your box at church, or you can choose to have your box mailed to you for $8 (within the United States). Shipping for up to four boxes is a flat fee of $8. If you wish to order more than four boxes and have them shipped to you, please call 717-627-1996 to discuss prices for shipping.

Please order your Embrace Missions Box by November 8 so that you can enjoy the activities around Thanksgiving. 

Order your box below!