The Power of Authenticity in Church Planting

Church planting is an exciting journey that requires passion, conviction, and faith. As a church planter, you are called to lead the flock, spread the gospel, and help people connect with God. However, in the midst of all the responsibilities and challenges, it's easy to lose track of who you are and what should be [...]

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When Jesus Calls

Let’s be real. Whenever I see my wife’s name come up on my cell phone I take the call.  She is not a phone person so when she calls, I pick up no matter what I’m doing. You probably can relate to that scenario.  Why?  Because our spouses matter, big time!   People are called [...]

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Resilience in Ministry

If you have been in ministry for more than a week, you can relate to this blog topic. All of us want to see people discipled and the gospel of Jesus spread to every part of the world. if we are honest, we have all been disappointed. Maybe things didn't play out the way we [...]

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