I am not sure if I read the following quote somewhere or if someone said it. But it is certainly a great ideal to live by, “Live full and die empty.”

Live Full – Jesus has given us everything we need to have a full life. He came, not just that we would have life, but that we would have it more abundantly. We of all people on the face of the earth should be the most prosperous, most vibrant, most excited, the least shocked by current events, and the most optimistic of all people. Simply because we have the spirit of God living within us. Look at all of the perils that the disciples got themselves into, 5000 people with food supplies of five loaves and two fish, in the middle of a lake and a severe storm crashes down around them, a good friend dies with no hope of healing,  4000 people, this time seven loaves and a few fish. Is there any record of Jesus being concerned about what was going to happen or what their options were? No, in fact sometimes He scolded them severely for their lack of faith evidenced by their fear in the situation.

Die Empty– If Jesus fill us, He wants us to empty ourselves out for others. To many people die full. Books that were never written, businesses that were never started, art that was never completed, dreams that were never fulfilled, and ideas that were never acted upon.  What are your dreams? What is inside you waiting to come out? What has He placed in your heart that is looking to find expression? He has placed these dreams there because He desires them to be fulfilled. Well, it may be just a fleshly desire, you say. Only if you are looking for the glory it will bring you, is it a fleshly desire. Otherwise, it is a gift to society, the rest of us experiencing life with you, and glory to the one who will bring it about.

So, go ahead, live life to the fullest but make sure when your days are done you have taken the steps to empty yourself out for the rest of us. You’ll be empty, but you’ll feel full! Full of the satisfaction that you have fulfilled the plans  and purposes of God for your generation.