Proverbs tells us in 18:21 that “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.” We know that to be true and therefore we are very cautious about the things that we speak out loud. But what about your inner tongue or “self talk” as psychologist call it. What about that communication? Does it carry the same power? 

Absolutely yes! I have spoken with so many people who have struggled so much with self image, insecurities, value, and worth, that is often centered around the things they are speaking to themselves.  Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Your outlook on life largely depends on your inward communication, i.e. what are you saying inwardly to what is happening outwardly. 

Consider this, Kris Valloton writes in his book, “Spirit Wars” that a large university did a study and found that the average person speaks about twelve hundred words a minute in self-talk. The study also found that eleven hundred of the words are negative in most people. Add to that, the fact that most of us tend to trust ourselves more than anyone else, think of the impact that has on a daily basis. 

While your inner tongue may be silent to all of those around you, it is certainly loud enough for you to hear and therefore carries the power Solomon speaks about in proverbs. It is bad enough for someone to be speaking death on the outside, but to have it spoken on the inside as well, is guaranteed suicide. Speak life to yourself on the inside. You’ll be pleasantly surprised about the life it will produce on the outside. 

Live the Kingdom, Transform your world!