Today is Roger Bannister’s anniversary of breaking the 4 min mile. He did what his colleagues, experts, and arm chair critics said was impossible, to run the mile in under 4 min. As he was training, he would see himself running across the finish line in under 4 minutes. On this day, May 6, 1954, he ran the mile in 3:59:4 and did what everyone around him said was impossible.

What vision do you have that screams ”that’s impossible” by colleagues, experts, and arm chair critics around you? While there certainly are things that are impossible, if it is a dream / vision given by the Lord, it isn’t impossible, it just requires faith and perseverance to see it through. So, hold fast to the dream, ask the Lord to give you the strength, stamina, and courage to press through what others say is impossible, and show them that when the Lord gives a vision, nothing is impossible. If Roger could prove his critics wrong with physical strength, think what you can do with the strength that comes from the Lord. Luke 1:37 For nothing is impossible with God.” NLT
So run to the best of your ability, and remember, in running, you never get the second wind until the first one is spent!