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Healing Testimony

on November 19th, 2013 in Recent Happenings by | 1 Comment

On my way to The Gathering, Tracy calls me and cancels. She informed me that she was making a dish to bring for the meeting and she spilled bacon grease and it caught on fire. Her arm from the wrist up past her elbow caught on fire! She decided to home remedy this wound. After soaking what was a severe burn for several hours and requesting prayer she felt like she was to take the wrap off of her arm. Her arm was in tremendous pain all evening. As she unwrapped her arm the pain immediately ceased!!! She then thought to call and ask if her fellow believers were in prayer…

During all this time at Tracy’s house we were meeting at The Gathering. Chads message was on Acts 2:42-47. I notified everyone of Tracy and her arm and we decided to start off with worship and prayer. Chris and a few others lifted Tracy in prayer and declared complete healing over her arm and the skin on her arm. Chad started in on the message and when he got to verse 43, “A deep sense of awe came over them all, and the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders”…..instantly my cell phone was ringing and it was Tracy! She was talking with such adoration for the Lord…She said ” Okay were you guys just praying for me??? Really, because I was in such bad pain and then I felt like I needed to unwrap my arm and as soon as I unwrapped it the pain immediately lifted! Praise God! Glory be to God! WOW!” and I walked over to Chad and said I think you guys need to hear this 🙂 I put Tracy on speaker and she let her friends hear the GOOD NEWS, she was HEALED!!!

I have spoken to Tracy since this happened and she is still in complete healing, her arm didn’t even blister! AMEN!!

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  1. Tracy Finegan says:

    I am the Tracy mentioned in the article above. I just wanted to clarify that although I did experience complete healing with absolutely NO scarring AND I did experience immediate and total relief from pain at the time (Praise GOD!) my arm did not actually catch on fire. It was a severe burn and the grease WAS 350 degrees but there was never any flames involved. That being said, I DO ABSOLUTELY believe that The Holy Spirit intervened for me and who knows how severe my injury would have turned out to be without His holy intervention. Thank YOU!! to all my Gathering brothers and sisters in Christ who lifted me up in prayer at the time of my injury! Much Love and Blessings to all of you! “Aunt Tracy”

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