What Counts?

I am on my way today to a funeral of a close friend. Once again I am face to face with the frailty of life and the importance of the relationships around you.  Mark Miller, who writes a blog on leadership recently wrote something along these lines; Make sure you live your life for those [...]

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Friendship! We were not created to be alone, we all need friends. Sometimes in leadership we look to others to be our friends, to reach out to us vs. us being willing to be the ones to reach out to others. Solomon said in Prov 18:24a “A man who has friends must himself be friendly…” [...]

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Everything Increases

We live in a multiplying world! Almost everything I do multiplies to a greater degree. Consider this;  The more I encourage others, the more encouraging I will be. The more I love others, the more loving I become. The more I give, the more generous I will be. The more I compliment others, the more [...]

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Who has Your Ring?

This past Aug I had the privilege of performing the marriage of my son and future daughter in law. As we came to the part of the ceremony with they exchanged rings, I lead them in giving each other the symbol of their never ending love for one other. As Duane was placing the ring [...]

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Up for Election

Elections are tomorrow and hopefully everyone will exercise their responsibility to vote. We take for granted the opportunity that we have in this nation. To get the full impact on how important of a freedom this is, talk to someone who is from a nation where they do not have the freedom to vote or [...]

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Most Important Piece

If you have ever put a jigsaw puzzle together we all know which the important piece is. It is the one that is missing! Life and ministry is the same. That part you play is strategic to the outcome of the whole. It is an incomplete picture if you don’t show up, aren’t available, missing [...]

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Today vs. Tomorrow

Today vs. Tomorrow   Today Opportunities are waiting for my response I can change one area of my life beginning today I can begin that new project I can encourage someone today and make their life different I can reach out to that one relationship that is struggling I can forgive the one whom I [...]

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That’s the Way I AM

That’s just the way I am! How often have we heard that statement or even used it ourselves when we excuse a bad attitude, a mistake, a way of doing something that isn’t appreciated by others. That’s just the way I am. We make that statement justifying our actions when all we are really stating [...]

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The Wisdom of Listening

There is so much that I can learn from others. But learning from others requires me to be an active listener, which at times can be a challenge.  Many times I try and interject the things that I have learned but if really want to learn personally, I need to listen. Most likely I will [...]

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