Well, Black Friday is now a memory for another year. Some of you may have been part of the clientele who rose up early on Friday morning to go wait in line to be the first ones in the door at your favorite store or mall. It was the anticipation of being able to purchase [...]

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Being Heard

A good leader is one who has the ability to listen. A good husband also has that ability mastered. In all my years of helping couples relate to each other better, I have yet to have a wife tell me that she wishes her husband would give her more input. I have had quite a [...]

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Cell groups venture out

Check out this story by Monte Jones who gives leadership to DOVE Community Church in Red Lion, PA. The park in our community of Red Lion has always been a trouble spot. The borough has tried to curtail the problems ensuing as teens regularly take over the park and run out the families who want to use [...]

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Important Things

Do things of importance. In all of your responsibilities, focus on things that are really important and bring results. There are tons of things that we do that at the end of the day, really don’t change the outcome of life, nor add any quality to it. But there are other things that are intrinsic [...]

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Agent for Change

Being dissatisfied is the first step toward change. Dissatisfaction with the current causes me to look for something new. The new thing, the new look, the new hairstyle, the new job, the new car, on and on. But dissatisfaction alone will not bring about change. It takes one more step. It takes action. Some are [...]

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