Consistent Change

  Change! That seemingly hard thing that we are required to do as we continue to grow and mature. Consistent change is key to our ongoing growth and advancement in the Kingdom. While His message never changes, the transformation of my life to become more like Him, continually does.   I am sure you all [...]

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Sharing His Glory

  When Jesus prayed in John 17, He not only prayed for those whom the Father had already given Him, He prayed for all of those in the future who would believe that He is the Christ, hence He prayed in advance for you and I!   John 17:20 "I am praying not only for [...]

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Little Things

  Little things can really add up over the long term. Years ago;   A dad teachers his daughter Susan that the value of someone's life is not determined by the color of their skin. She marries Moses Carver and together they save the life of an African American baby boy named George Washington, give him their [...]

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What Others Think

  Sometime ago a friend of mine posted this; “We would worry less about what others think of us if we realized how seldom they do.” Enough said! Live your life for those who really matter!   D.O.V.E.  

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The Best

  We have been fooled into thinking that the “best” is the only thing that is valuable. The best blog, the best leadership style, the best sermon, the best strategy, the best input, the best………….   The best is often evasive, but the other end of the spectrum is just doing something that is “good [...]

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Born for Greatness

  Dale Mast states in his book “And David Perceived he was King”, the following. “We must receive who God has made us before we can step into the greatness the Father has given us!” “If we reject our vessel we have rejected our mission!” There is something about being comfortable in our own skin. [...]

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Turn the Light On!

  There are a lot of dark things happening in the world we live in. We can choose to stumble around in the dark, as I do almost every morning so that I don’t wake up Bonnie. Or we can do something much more effective.  Most times I just stumble through the dark. One morning [...]

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  I am convinced that everything in life has seasons or goes through seasons. And each new season brings about change and with change comes excitement and a certain amount of uncertainty. When I got married there was tremendous excitement and also some uncertainly. Excited to be married but will I be a good husband? [...]

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